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Who We Are

About Anderson Martial Arts in Gresham, OR

Dan Anderson

Owner and Chief Instructor at Anderson Martial Arts in Gresham, 9th Degree Black Belt

At Anderson Martial Arts we 're a family oriented school which has been servicing the residents of Gresham and East County for 31 years, making it the oldest Martial Arts school in the area. Our students come from all walks of life and span a wide range of ages. We strive to maintain the highest standards for you no matter what your currently fitness level or previous experience is.

Do you need to drop a few pounds? Would you like to be able to defend yourself against an attacker? Do you kids need an outlet for all of their pent up energy?

Total beginners welcome! We love to work with beginners and elite athletes alike. Kids, adults, and teens. No matter what your starting level is, you 'll get a crazy-good workout with us, gain lean muscle, and learn techniques to keep you and your family safe. At the end of the day, that 's what makes us feel best!

Build confidence and crush goals! Our classes are controlled, fast-paced, and fun. You 'll learn how to use kicking and striking drills to your advantage and boost your cardio endurance!

We take great pride in making sure you or your child has a clean and controlled environment, always. Kids develop a healthy respect for authority and gain crucial life skills in class too.

Experience these added benefits both our kids and adult members experience:

  • Boosted Self-Esteem
  • Body Confidence
  • Better Teamwork & Goal Setting Skills
  • Outrageous Core Strength & Hip Mobility
  • Improvements in Stress Reduction

Community and family is everything to us! We are active in various events in the community and are a member of the Gresham Historic Downtown Business Association. We give everything we can to our students so they can stay safe and sound - because after all, our students ARE the community and we live here too!

The variety of classes we offer brings a unique twist to your fitness routine and offers something for everyone. Use our classes as a highly effective training tool for personal defense, a stellar boost to weight loss and fitness gains, or as a stand-alone martial art. Whether you want to seriously dedicate your time to becoming an amazing martial artists or simply want to get fitter fast - the key is that our instructors work WITH YOU and not for their own personal goals.

For more details on our unique ways to squash fears, have the most fun you 've EVER had working out, and get you into that "can do " mind-set just visit our classes page. The "Classes " link in the menu above is where we break down what it is we do in each class and where you can find that super low web-special going on too! Wouldn 't want you to miss out.

Please read below for more information on the leadership at our school, that way you can get a feel for the stellar talent leading the charge, and feel a bit more comfortable on your first day of class. Looking forward to training with you soon!

Professor Dan Anderson is the director and chief instructor of Anderson Martial Arts. Professor Anderson has been instructing karate since 1969 and has directly taught thousands of students. He is a 4 time national karate champion, having won over 70 Grand Titles and has even written 21 books on the martial arts including the best selling book, "American Freestyle Karate: A Guide To Sparring " which has been in print for over 30 years. He has been honored by inclusion into the Karate Living Legends, a lifetime achievement honor, being one of the 50 most influential martial artists in the 40 year history of tournament karate. He has earned a 9th degree black belt in both karate and Modern Arnis Filipino Martial Arts.

Master Instructor Thomas Corsine has been with Anderson Martial Arts for 20 years and has earned Black Belts in American Freestyle Karate, Modern Arnis Filipino Martial Arts, and Classical Kong Su Do Karate. Master Instructor Corsine has been an instructor for Anderson Martial Arts for over 10 years.

Marie Anderson, our office manager, has been with Anderson Martial Arts for over 22 years and is a 1st degree Black Belt in Classical Kong Su Do Karate.

How to Get Started

Come join our Gresham, OR Martial Arts facility! We offer programs in Adult Martial Arts, Birthday Parties, Eskrima, Kids Martial Arts, Summer Camp, and Therapeutic Martial Arts. Choose a program that most interests you and have the opportunity to sign-up right here on our site for one of our awesome web specials. Or feel free to give us a call at (503) 665-8596 if you have any further questions. Anderson Martial Arts hopes to speak with you soon!