About "Captain" Bill Robertson

Bill Robertson called himself Captain and positioned his writings as equal in importance to those of L. Ron Hubbard. He claimed he was second in command to LRH. He said he was in telepathic communication with LRH in 1982, claiming that LRH was dead, when in fact LRH was alive and well.

This was the man who started The Free Zone, with LRH tech that he rewrote, using processes of his own invention that he claimed were the "real" OT levels.

But Bill was -- to put it plainly -- just nuts.

In 1982 Bill Robertson began distributing his Galactic Newsletters, which he claimed had been transmitted to him telepathically, direct from LRH, who Robertson falsely claimed had dropped his body. Robertson announced at that time that he was actually one of three individuals who were in control of "Sector 9" -- a collection of thousands of stars and planets in this sector of the galaxy.

As the superbeing "Astar Paramejgian," Robertson demanded immediate and unconditional compliance with any and all of his orders, in order to create a race of "ethical OTs" leading the way to a new civilization.

If Robertson's own actions are any indication, this new civilization was to be anything but moral by most standards. Robertson enjoyed dressing up in women's clothing. Two of his wives complained that he liked to play lesbian games with them, pretending to be a woman and performing perverted activities in front of a mirror.

Robertson's second wife, Joan Thomas, had been involved in another relationship when Robertson decided he was going to marry her. That marriage lasted twelve years. He then determined he would marry another woman, sent her volumes of poems and letters, and even arranged an elaborate wedding ceremony -- complete with flowers and music -- without ever informing his "bride"!

His third wife was intended to be a bridesmaid at another wedding that Robertson planned without informing the bride-to-be. When his plans fell through, he married Dafna Dan. He later confirmed to his secretary what Dafna had reported: that he had been abusive to her physically and tried to smother her with a pillow when she complained about his cross-dressing games.

In 1980, Bill Robertson began demonstrating his obsession with galactic conspiracies. He attempted to recover the words to a "Galactic Marching Song" and claimed that spies were infiltrating all levels of management. Although he received many offers to help him sort out his personal life and his marriage, he refused them all, and after committing a serious security breach that endangered the life of LRH, he was demoted to Swamper and lost his Captain status.

Robertson's subsequent actions included a plan to start a New Church of Scientology using monies he stole from the Church and from individual Scientologists. His plan did not work out. In 1982 Bill Roberston was declared a Suppressive Person by the Church, and his Galactic Patrol was declared a Suppressive Group.

Ask yourself: Is this the kind of person you would want in charge of your OT levels?

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